UPDATE: New Pump Arriving Friday & Water Deliveries In the Meantime

Thank you for continuing to conserve water. Our water usage has come down since our last notification.

Unfortunately there has been a delay in the delivery of the new water pump. It’s now scheduled to be delivered and installed on Friday (tomorrow).

We have water deliveries coming which should now accommodate our current water usage.

After the new pump is installed the conserve water request will be lifted, but there will be a boil water notice in effect until water samples can be tested and deemed safe for drinking. With the lab’s schedule that could be around middle of next week.

Updates and more information will continue to be posted to the website here. You can sign up for notifications by using the “Follow” button on the bottom right of this page, and entering your email address.

We also send emails and text messages re: urgent water notices like this. If you or someone you know is not receiving the messages, please contact us to ensure we have the correct contact information on file. Thank you.

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