URGENT: Conserve Water & Look for Leaks

Please USE AS LITTLE WATER AS NECESSARY until further notice.

We have nearly used up all our water even with the recent deliveries (18K gallons delivered on 12/30, and another 18K yesterday). We are trying to get more water delivered today, but it may not be possible. We have approximately 12 thousand gallons in the tanks to get us through tomorrow evening when we hope to have the new pump up and running. At our current usage level, that will not be enough.

We are looking for water leaks. Let us know if you see out of the ordinary water by the side roads and please USE AS LITTLE WATER AS NECESSARY until further notice.

Thank you.

2 thoughts on “URGENT: Conserve Water & Look for Leaks

  1. Unless I’m reading or understanding this incorrectly we as a group used more water than we normally do after you told us to conserve and paid for extra water to be delivered!!


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