CMCC Annual Meeting & Potluck 8/27 at 10 AM

The 2022 Colony Mountain Community Club Annual Meeting for all lot owners will be held:

Saturday, Aug 27, 2022 at 10:00 AM
at the North end of Colony Mountain Drive

(at the end of road, in the cul-de-sac)

The business meeting will start at 10 AM, followed by presentations from special guests, including:

  • Skagit County Undersheriff, County Fire Marshall and Patrol Lieutenant
  • DNR District Director
  • CMCC Firewise Program Coordinator

Then join us for social time afterwards! If you would like to, bring a dish to share or your own picnic lunch. No plates, utensils, or beverages will be provided, so please bring along whatever you might need.

NOTE: This is a bring-your-own-chair event. There may be a few chairs on hand, but if you want to be sure to have a seat, please bring a chair for each person in your group.

Reminder: This is your opportunity to raise questions, concerns, or ideas and discuss these things with your community. & Your attendance is very important! A quorum (participation of at least 25% of shareholders) is required in order for the meeting to proceed successfully. If however, you are unable to attend the annual meeting, please complete and return this proxy statement.

We look forward to seeing you at this year’s annual meeting!
All our best,

CMCC Board of Directors

Call for Volunteers: Saturday, Aug 6

Community volunteers are needed to assist with maintenance and repairs around the well house, shed, and surroundings, as well as for roadside repairs on Shultz Lane. The work will involve shoveling and raking, lifting and placing blocks under the storage shed, moving the communications sign-board, repairing road drainage, and other manual labor involving bending, lifting, moving dirt, etc.

If you are able and available, please meet at the well house at 10:00AM on Saturday, Aug 6 for this important work party.

Thank you for your help!

Reminder about Fireworks

Independence Day weekend is a wonderful time for celebratory gatherings. But as a reminder, there are limitations regarding outdoor burning and fireworks in our community.

Per the CMCC Consolidated Policies and Procedures:

To reduce the risk of fire within the CMCC properties, the Colony Mountain Community Club Covenants, Restrictions and Agreements do not allow unattended outdoor burning. They also do not allow either storage or use of explosives (including exploding fireworks) without the written permission of the Board of Directors. In addition, explosive and firework devices are illegal in Washington State (except on Indian reservations) per RCW 70.77 specifically [70.77.255 (2) – setting off fireworks without a permit] and [70.77.495 – unlawful for any person to set off any fireworks in a forest, brush, fallows, grass or brush covered land…].

Keep in mind that fireworks not only pose a wildfire risk, they also create trash, are harmful to wildlife and pets, and can cause trauma for those with PTSD.

So maybe plan to skip the fireworks this year, or catch one of the nearby sponsored fireworks displays like Mount Vernon’s Fabulous 4th of July show, Bellingham’s 4th of July Celebration, or another nearby community celebration.

Thank you for honoring our community restrictions so that all of our neighbors can enjoy a safe and fun 4th of July weekend!

Water System Flushing Today

We’ve heard from several community members that are experiencing cloudy/discolored water, so community volunteers will be performing unscheduled water system maintenance this afternoon. 

This water system flushing involves running large volumes of water through our water system in an effort to remove sediments that may have collected with the distribution piping.

As the water is flushed through the lines, Ferric Iron (res water iron) that is loosely adhered to the inside of the pipes will be scrubbed loose and flow downstream. Most of the loose Ferric Iron will be flushed out, but you may find your water is cloudy and has reddish brown particles in it for a few days. This has no effect on the water quality (other than visually), and may be resolved by running your water for a few minutes. 

 Contact us if you have any questions. 

Thank you. 

Meter Readings & Other Notices

Roadside Mowing
Mowing of our private roads will be occurring within the next couple of weeks. Please be sure that the road shoulders and ditches on or near your property are clear of large tree branches, logs or other debris so that the mower has clear access to come though.

Meter Readings July 2
CMCC volunteers will be reading water meters over the weekend of July 2, 2022. Please make sure the area around your meter is clear, and manage any aggressive pets so that the meter can easily be read within the meter box.

Bills will be sent in July and are due upon receipt. A couple of important reminders about billing:

  1. meter clearing fee of $50 will be charged if your meter is not accessible and clear of brush for meter readings.
  2. With the COVID-19 utility moratorium having ended last fall, we want to remind you that the CMCC Billing and Payment Policy is available for your reference on our website in the CMCC Consolidated Policies and Procedures document. Please contact us if you have any questions about billing or payments.

Water Pump Update
January’s water pump failure challenged us all to come together as a community to respond to an urgent situation. Everyone pitched in to conserve water, we discovered and repaired several leaks during that time, and a few hard working community members gave over 48 hours of volunteer time to quickly repair our water system. Although we still needed to bring in additional water, and pay for some repairs, the effort that our community contributed significantly reduced the downtime we experienced and kept the costs reasonable. Please give a special thank you to the volunteers who gave their time and expertise during that time.

We are in the process of having the old pump motor evaluated to see if there is any value left in it. And our next budget will reflect this situation, the ramifications of the costs of repairs, and continued mitigation to reduce future risks. Please join us at the annual meeting this fall to learn more.

Volunteers Needed this Summer
We will be seeking volunteers this summer to assist with maintenance and repairs needed to the well house, shed, and surroundings. Please watch the website for more information coming soon.

Water Restored w/Boil Water Notice

The water pump has been repaired and is filling our tanks again!

You are now under a BOIL WATER NOTICE. The notice will be lifted once we receive notification that the water is safe to drink, which should be in a day or two.

As is common with work on the water system, you may find your water is cloudy or discolored for a few days. You can try opening faucets for a few minutes, or if you find excessive air in your water lines, turn off the water in the house and open an exterior hose bib until the air is gone. 

Thank you for your patience and help conserving water over these last few days. You may now resume your regular water use (under Boil Water Advisory).

UPDATE: Continue to Conserve Water

Thank you for all your efforts to conserve water over these last few days. We’ve received lots of good questions which we would like to answer here, as well as provide you with an update:

Repair Timeline: The new pump motor is scheduled to be delivered on Tuesday (at the earliest) and then can take another 4 to 6hrs for installation, if all goes well. After that, we will be on a boil water notice until water quality test results are returned (typically 2-3 days).

Water consumption & interim solutions: Over the last several days, we have reduced our community’s water consumption (from our typical average of 10,000 gallons per day to approximately 9,000 gallons per day), but to ensure the tanks don’t get too low, we will need to have water delivered to supplement our water supply until the repairs are complete. Depending on the situation, we estimate that delivery will cost between $1,500 and $3000.

It is important that we continue to conserve water use during this time. In general: please don’t use water unless you need to. We all need water to drink, cook with, and wash our hands. Please only run dishwashers when they are full, and don’t keep water running while doing dishes or brushing your teeth. If you can, take quick and infrequent showers, and refrain from running baths, washing clothes, and other high water consuming activities.

Also, please take a look at your water meter and if you see spinning dial(s) and/or changing numbers, please notify us at right away, as this could indicate a leak.

Financial Implication: We currently have enough in our reserves to cover the equipment and repairs – this is why we have reserve accounts. And once everything is back up and running, the CMCC Board will review the full financial implications and update our budget and future projects as needed. For reference, you can find a copy of the CMCC Annual Budget on page 9 of the 2021 Annual Meeting Minutes & Records packet.

How did this happen? The pump motor failure has been traced to a voltage surge that occurred during a power outage last Tuesday, January 11, around 8:34 pm. Please contact us if you noticed anything unusual during that outage, if you observed power workers in the area of the well-house, or anything else that may help us to identify the details surrounding this incident. Contact us at with any information you may have.

Again, thank you for your patience and cooperation in conserving water to help our whole community weather this challenge! We will continue to post updates here as we have more information, and feel free to contact us with any other questions you may have.

URGENT: Conserve Water Use

The Colony Mountain Community well pump has failed. A new pump is being delivered as soon as possible, but that will be Tuesday at the earliest. Our community is limited to the water currently available in the tanks until then, and with normal usage we would run out by Sunday. Other interim solutions are being considered (like having water delivered to our tanks), but these solutions come with great expenses. So please conserve and use as little water as necessary to help us through this time. Thank you.

Water Pump Down: Please Conserve Water

The Colony Mountain Community Club’s water pump is currently down. Repairs are underway, but we are currently limited to the water already available in the tanks, so it is important that we all work together to conserve water during this time. Please conserve your water use until further notice.

Notifications will be sent as soon as repairs are complete. Thank you.