UPDATE: More Pump Delays

Thank you for your patience and for continuing to conserve water.

Unfortunately the pump delivery hit further delays.

In the meantime community volunteers have been working long hours to try to resolve this issue.

We were able to get our pump working for a few hours and then it failed again.

It was concerning to our well technician that the well pump was pumping at all if it had failed, so we looked into other issues and found that the well meter and one pump station vfd was only working intermittently. We were able to get some water in one tank before everything failed.

We have a team continuing to work on it this morning but don’t want to raise anyone’s hopes until we are able fill one tank.

We will continue to post updates here as we have more information.

3 thoughts on “UPDATE: More Pump Delays

  1. Hi-

    I very much appreciate the work of the community volunteers but I would definitely support paying for a professional company to do full troubleshooting (and repair). I understand that we don’t want to frivolously spend money, but I don’t know that this critical issue of water should fall on the responsibility of volunteers. Are we limited in pursuing this option?


    1. Apologies for any confusion: The community volunteers are absolutely working with professionals to resolve our water issues as quickly as possible.


  2. Perhaps Vanessa was asking if the contracted water technician was involved from the very beginning when the pump was not working.

    If the contracted technician was onsite from the very beginning why did it take well over a week for him to do further troubleshooting to determine the failed component was a controller and not the pump. Is the community contracting with two different companies for our well system? One for the pumps/pump motors and one for the Control system?

    From the emails and the updates on the community website, it sounded like it was a known fact that the pump had failed and needed to be replaced. However, it appears that further troubleshooting did not take place until AFTER we found out the pump would not be delivered until after the weekend sometime.

    Unless a community member was personally involved in the troubleshooting and repair, the rest of us in the community can only rely on what information we are provided with by the board members. It just seems to me that their have been some missed steps/procedures with our contracted well technician.

    It looks as if the well system could have been repaired to it’s current state, in a day or two after the initial failure, if the contracted technician continued to troubleshoot in the days after the failure. From the information provided to us on the website and emails it appears that no further troubleshooting had taken place, other than looking for leaks, and that we were all just waiting for the new pump to arrive and get installed.

    Who is the company we are contracting with for our well system?


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