Notice of Partial Service Area Relinquishment

Earlier this year the Colony Mountain Community Club (CMCC) Board was approached by Blanchard Edison Water Association (BEWA) about relinquishing a portion of the CMCC service area that abuts the BEWA service area.

The CMCC Board evaluated the request from BEWA and determined that it was in CMCC’s best interest to relinquish the service area to BEWA, and is proposing a Service Area change to include 6 parcels at the end of Flinn Rd near the extents of the current Service Area. See service area map in Figure 1b here*. The red line defines the current boundary and the green line the proposed new boundary.

CMCC and BEWA have a formal agreement in which CMCC relinquishes the portion of the water Service Area defined by the subject parcels to BEWA, and this Service Area adjustment is now open for comment.

Written questions or comments related to the proposed Service Area adjustment can be directed to the CMCC Board of Directors by July 13, submitted by email, mail or delivered to the dropbox at the well house.

Mail: Colony Mountain Community Club, PO Box 91, Bow, WA 98232
Drop: Dropbox at the well house communication board

*Documents associated with this transfer including the BEWA request letter and associated maps can be referenced on the CMCC website under “Water System”.

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