Cloudy or discolored water?

We’ve heard from a few community members that were experiencing cloudy/discolored water. There was a small issue (which is now resolved) with a valve at Toad Lane that may have caused high water flows through the piping.

When the water flows through the lines at high volumes, Ferric Iron (res water iron) that is loosely adhered to the inside of the pipes can be scrubbed loose and flow downstream. Most of the loose Ferric Iron should be flushed out now, but if you are downstream from Toad Lane, you may find your water is cloudy and has reddish brown particles in it for a few days. This has no effect on the water quality (other than visually).

If you are experiencing this condition you may run water through all of your taps (inside and out of the dwelling) for 5 to 10 minutes. This should remedy the condition. If the condition persists please contact the CMCC water system Manger for further guidance.

Additional Notes:

  • To avoid cloudy water within your house plumbing, you could opt to consider installing a whole house filter. An example of a water filter installation can be found on this site under the Water System section.
  • Learn more about your water quality in the latest Consumer Confidence Report which is sent to you annually, and filed under the Water System section on this site.

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