Reminder about Fireworks

Independence Day weekend is a wonderful time for celebratory gatherings. But as a reminder, there are limitations regarding outdoor burning and fireworks in our community.

Per the CMCC Consolidated Policies and Procedures:

To reduce the risk of fire within the CMCC properties, the Colony Mountain Community Club Covenants, Restrictions and Agreements do not allow unattended outdoor burning. They also do not allow either storage or use of explosives (including exploding fireworks) without the written permission of the Board of Directors. In addition, explosive and firework devices are illegal in Washington State (except on Indian reservations) per RCW 70.77 specifically [70.77.255 (2) – setting off fireworks without a permit] and [70.77.495 – unlawful for any person to set off any fireworks in a forest, brush, fallows, grass or brush covered land…].

Keep in mind that fireworks not only pose a wildfire risk, they also create trash, are harmful to wildlife and pets, and can cause trauma for those with PTSD.

So maybe plan to skip the fireworks this year, or catch one of the nearby sponsored fireworks displays like Mount Vernon’s Fabulous 4th of July show, Bellingham’s 4th of July Celebration, or another nearby community celebration.

Thank you for honoring our community restrictions so that all of our neighbors can enjoy a safe and fun 4th of July weekend!

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