Meter Readings & Other Notices

Roadside Mowing
Mowing of our private roads will be occurring within the next couple of weeks. Please be sure that the road shoulders and ditches on or near your property are clear of large tree branches, logs or other debris so that the mower has clear access to come though.

Meter Readings July 2
CMCC volunteers will be reading water meters over the weekend of July 2, 2022. Please make sure the area around your meter is clear, and manage any aggressive pets so that the meter can easily be read within the meter box.

Bills will be sent in July and are due upon receipt. A couple of important reminders about billing:

  1. meter clearing fee of $50 will be charged if your meter is not accessible and clear of brush for meter readings.
  2. With the COVID-19 utility moratorium having ended last fall, we want to remind you that the CMCC Billing and Payment Policy is available for your reference on our website in the CMCC Consolidated Policies and Procedures document. Please contact us if you have any questions about billing or payments.

Water Pump Update
January’s water pump failure challenged us all to come together as a community to respond to an urgent situation. Everyone pitched in to conserve water, we discovered and repaired several leaks during that time, and a few hard working community members gave over 48 hours of volunteer time to quickly repair our water system. Although we still needed to bring in additional water, and pay for some repairs, the effort that our community contributed significantly reduced the downtime we experienced and kept the costs reasonable. Please give a special thank you to the volunteers who gave their time and expertise during that time.

We are in the process of having the old pump motor evaluated to see if there is any value left in it. And our next budget will reflect this situation, the ramifications of the costs of repairs, and continued mitigation to reduce future risks. Please join us at the annual meeting this fall to learn more.

Volunteers Needed this Summer
We will be seeking volunteers this summer to assist with maintenance and repairs needed to the well house, shed, and surroundings. Please watch the website for more information coming soon.

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