2021 CMCC Annual Meeting: Now Closed

Dear neighbors,

Thank you for your participation in the modified version of our Colony Mountain Community Club Annual Meeting. We had a great turnout, and are in the process of reviewing the results now.

As a reminder, the next step is for the Election Monitors to review the votes, then the CMCC Board of Directors will prepare a final wrap-up statement which will be sent to all shareholders shortly thereafter. This will conclude the 2021 Annual Meeting and initiate the 2021/2022 CMCC Board of Directors to begin their term.

Your participation was very much appreciated! A quorum (participation of at least 25% of shareholders) is required in order for this process to proceed successfully. Thank you so much for your patience and understanding while we continue to navigate these challenging times. We look forward to your participation in this year’s virtual meeting.

All our best,
CMCC Board of Directors

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