Harrison Creek Project Updates

Colony Mountain Drive is now open for through travel. The Skagit County Public Works culvert replacement project on Colony Mountain Drive at Harrison Creek is wrapping up, and the road is now open.

After the water temporary/bypass water line changeover, Lots #1 through #12, plus #83 and #84 remain under a Boil Water notice until further notice.

We will be chlorinating and flushing the full water system which will impact everyone in the community. So you may start to notice little chlorine in your water late tonight or in the morning. The chlorine is safe and you can continue to use your water as usual (unless you’re under the boil water notice mentioned above). However, if you prefer not to drink the chlorinated water, then you may want to store some water this evening for consumption over the next few days while the chlorine works it’s way through the system.

Thank you for your patience.

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