Asplundh Tree Trimming Tomorrow: 4/29

We just received word from Asplundh Tree Experts, a service partner of Puget Sound Energy, that they will be doing the tree trimming on Mountain Drive tomorrow, April 29.

While this work is being done access along Mountain Drive will be limited. You may experience delays while your driveway or road is blocked.

Please call or email Victoria at Asplundh with your name, number, and address if you have any questions or would like more information. See their earlier notice below.

Tree Trimming May Cause Traffic Delays

We received notice from Asplundh Tree Experts, a service partner of Puget Sound Energy, that they will be trimming in our neighborhood over the next few weeks. Traffic may slow while this work is being done, but they have promised to do their best to be quick and efficient. Most roads in the area will probably not experience long delays, with the exception of Mountain Drive.

While this work is being done passage along Mountain Drive will be very limited due to the road width. Those who live on Mountain Drive may have their driveways and/or the road blocked. Please call or email Victoria at Asplundh with your name, number, and address if you would like to be notified when crews are in the area.

See attached notice for more information: Asplundh Tree Trimming Notice

Water System Flushing Feb 6 or 7

On February 6 or 7 (weather and operational commitments permitting) the Community will be performing the bi-annual water system flushing per Washington State Department of Health Guidelines.

This involves running large volumes of water through our water system in an effort to remove sediments that may have collected with the distribution piping.

As the water is flushed through the lines, Ferric Iron (res water iron) that is loosely adhered to the inside of the pipes will be scrubbed loose and flow downstream. Most of the loose Ferric Iron will be flushed out, but you may find your water is cloudy and has reddish brown particles in it for a few days. This has no effect on the water quality (other than visually).

If you experience this condition you may run water through all of your taps (inside and out of the dwelling) for 5 to 10 minutes. This should remedy the condition. If the condition persists please contact the CMCC water system Manger for further guidance.

Additional Notes:

  • CMCC does not add chlorine to the water system for routine system flushing.
  • To avoid cloudy water within your house plumbing, you could opt to consider installing a whole house filter. An example of a water filter installation can be found on this site under the Water System section.
  • Learn more about your water quality in the latest Consumer Confidence Report which is sent to you annually, and filed under the Water System section on this site.


Due to extensive area-wide power outages, it may be some time before power is restored on Colony Mountain. During power outages we are limited to the water currently available in the tanks, so it is important that we all work together to conserve water during extended outages like this. Please conserve your water use until further notice.

Thank you for helping us all get through this together!

2020 Annual Meeting Records Now Available Online

Thank you again for your participation in the 2020 Annual Meeting this fall. It is an unusual time, and we appreciate your willingness to try a virtual format this year. The board has now approved the minutes and a packet has been prepared to record all the documents from the meeting which can be found here. Paper copies may be requested by contacting us at

Thank you for all your contributions to this community!

CMCC Board of Directors

Community shout-outs

to our community volunteers!

The Harrison Creek project is now finalized, and the Colony Mountain Community Club board wishes to thank the volunteers who worked hard to help make this huge project a success. Special thanks to:
Chris Chesley
Kelly Stockton
Chris England
William Korvin

Also a note of gratitude from Skagit County to the community:
I want to extend my sincere appreciation for the hardship that the residents endured throughout the duration of the project. Whether they had to drive around, or lived on Wood a Road and had additional traffic, I truly do value their cooperation with the project. – David Walde

And a few community members have been contributing to maintenance in the community by keeping the side roads free of debris and mowing the ditches. Special thanks to: Wayne Wright who was recently spotted clearing roads.

Also a special thanks to those who volunteered to assist with our 2020 Annual Meeting, including:
Lauren Tracy
Jeremy Means
Kelly Stockton
Sheena Todhunter

These are a few of the folks we’ve noticed lately. Do you know of someone else who has been doing good in our neighborhood? Let us know so that we can give them a shout-out too!

Your contributions are what makes this community so wonderful, thank you!

Boil Water Notice Lifted

The Boil Water Notice is now lifted for Lots #1 through #12, plus #83 and #84.

The water system has been successfully chlorinated and we received laboratory results back today showing that the water is now safe to drink.

You may continue to notice a little chlorine in your water. The chlorine is safe and you can now use your water as usual.

Thank you so much for your patience.